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The Now Pro is a new app with a NEW technology based on cloud AI recognition.
This means it will recognize the writing no matter what, even if it is hand-written text.

Place a prediction in the spectator’s phone, have him think of anything, he writes it down on a piece of paper and when he looks at this mobile, it is there, on Google, amazon, YouTube…etc.

Now you can let THE SPECTATOR write the word and have the prediction done with more accuracy.

It has extended capabilities like directly printing the recognized words on the PRINTA system.

It can ALSO BE USED from a computer with a webcam, extending the use case possibilities.

If you already have a user in NOW or NOW 2, email me for a 40% discount coupon.

As this is a PAID cloud-based system, you get 2000 executions with your purchase.
That is enough for a long, long time. If someday you run out of them, you can purchase
extra ones.

Works on iOS / Android / Computers

86 languages are supported:

Afrikaans: Afrikáans -> Afrikaans
shqip: Albanés -> shqip
العربية: Árabe -> العربية
Հայ: Armenio -> Հայ
беларуская: Bielorruso -> беларуская
বাংলা: Bengalí -> বাংলা
български: Búlgaro -> български
Català: Catalán -> Català
普通话: Chino -> 普通话
Hrvatski: Croata -> Hrvatski
Čeština: Checo -> Čeština
Dansk: Danés -> Dansk
Nederlands: Holandés -> Nederlands
English: Inglés -> English
Eesti keel: Estonio -> Eesti keel
Filipino: Filipino -> Filipin
Suomi: Finés -> Suomi
Français: Francés -> Françai
Deutsch: Alemán -> Deutsc
Ελληνικά: Griego -> Ελληνικ
ગુજરાતી: Guyaratí -> ગુજરાત
עברית: Hebreo -> עברי
हिन्दी: Hindi -> हिन्द
Magyar: Húngaro -> Magya
Íslenska: Islandés -> Íslensk
Bahasa Indonesia: Indonesio -> Bahasa Indonesia
Italiano: Italiano -> Italian
日本語: Japonés -> 日本語
ಕನ್ನಡ: Canarés -> ಕನ್ನಡ
ភាសាខ្មែរ: Jemer -> ភាសាខ្មែ
한국어: Corean -> 한국어
ລາວ: Lao -> ລາວ
Latviešu: Letón -> Latviešu
Lietuvių: Lituano -> Lietuvi
Македонски: Macedonio -> Македонск
Bahasa Melayu: Malayo -> Bahasa Melayu
മലയാളം: Malayalam -> മലയാള
मराठी: Marathi -> मरा
नेपाली: Nepalí -> ने
Norsk: Noruego -> Nors
فارسی: Persa -> فارس
Polski: Polaco -> Polsk
Português: Portugués -> Portuguê
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ: Punjabi -> ਪੰਜਾ
Română: Rumano -> Român
Русский: Ruso -> Русс
Русский (старая орфография): Ruso -> Русский (старая орфография)
Српски: Serbio -> Српск
Српски (латиница): Serbio -> Српски (латиница)
Slovenčina: Eslov -> Slovenčin
Slovenščina: Esloveno -> Slovenščin
Español: Español -> Español
Svenska: Sueco -> Svensk
Tagalog: Tagalog -> Tagalo
தமிழ்: Tamil -> தமி
తెలుగు: Telugu -> తెలుగ
ไทย: Tailandés -> ไท
Türkçe: Turco -> Türkç
Українська: Ucraniano -> Українськ
Tiếng Việt: Tiếng Việt -> Tiếng Việ
Yiddish: Yiddish -> Yiddish

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  1. Jovan (verified owner)

    Better control! Both Now and Now Pro are great app! It is definitely an awesome app to have!

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