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An amazing classic of card magic, now made easy!

A spectator freely selects 3 cards from the pack, hiding one of them under the box.

He cuts, shuffles, and does all of the handling.

The magician states that he has a picture of a card he took on the street earlier.

But first, he directly reads the spectator’s mind and correctly names the first card. Then he locates where in the pack lies the second selection.

And for a stunning finale, he shows the picture of the card he took and matches the first spectator hidden card.

A truly incredible automatic miracle, you will fool yourself performing it.


Instant access because it’s a web app for Android and iPhone. Explanations in English/Spanish


NOTE: This effect was created by math and memory work genius Simon Aronson in 1995.  The video does NOT explain how it works, because the app does all the work for you, giving the correct information at the right time. You will be able to do the effect without any effort on your part, with no mnemonics or calculations. Plus, you will use your everyday phone as an index wallet instead of carrying one on you.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t buy the complete bundle with the pictures deck, you will only be able to perform the effect with normal playing cards (routine #1)



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