Boarding Pass


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A true worker both for mentalists and magicians.

This trick was bought by David Copperfield himself.

This is one of the highest-rated tricks we’ve ever offered. Straightforward, using these days common stuff: QR codes and mobile phones.


1. Three different boarding passes are introduced. Each one, the audience is told, goes to a different city.

2. A spectator names ANY city in the world. Yes, no restrictions, no limitations.

3. They select ANY one of the tickets to fly to their chosen city.

4. The other two tickets, when scanned go to different cities… but the chosen one opens the exact google maps location of the spectator!

You never touch the spectator’s phone, and the boarding passes are in plain sight and examinable.

And it’s easy. How easy? Even your spectator can do it.

“I love when you can perform strong effects that make sense both in casual and formal performances. Boarding pass gives you a world of possibilities.” – Adrian Lacroix

“Mariano’s Boarding Pass is a very logical plot for QR code predictions. It’s so clean looking too! Amazing!” – Angelo Carbone

“Everyone wants to travel now. And Boarding Pass makes it perfect” – Shameer Salim

“Mariano Goni’s “Boarding Pass” departs from the typical “I knew that” mentalism plot to create a memorable and 100% amazing impossibility that the spectator accomplishes herself, using a freely-named city. No force. No kidding. This is magic on jet fuel” – David Regal

“Boarding Pass is an amazing effect! Mariano totally nailed it. I can’t wait to perform it!” – Hanson Chien

“Mariano Goñi is a restless creator of new effects and illusions. With Boarding Pass he has achieved a portable, practical, and highly effective trick that gives you instant success. I’m willing to do it!“ – Jorge Blass

* Comes complete with special boarding passes and iOS/Android quick-install web app.


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