Vertical Notifier


If you perform digital mentalism where you need to secretly peek at the information your phone has received from the spectator,
then this is for you.

Electronic peek devices are great, but often they are very
expensive and they can run out of battery if you use them
continuously on a gig or while doing strolling magic.

Mariano Goni has come up with an ingenious non-electronic
gimmick that attaches to your phone and, in conjuction with
a webapp, can replicate the functionality of a peek device.

You will be able to vertically peek while your phone is
inside your breast inner pocket (works in other places too).

You don’t have to be turning your back on your spectators
to see the info on your phone, plus you can repeat the
effect without being caught!

The gimmick will last long and you can customize it to
your needs.

Vertical Notifier can change the way you perform this
great effects/apps:

* Inject
* Alien
* Wikitest
* Elips
* Mental Movies

The App works for iOS and Android. Questions? email me for more details




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