NeoVision Bundle (only Android)


NeoVision Bundle App + Remote Control + Free Shipping

Buy this bundle and receive the silent remote control and the app.

A New Superpower you can bring into your magic arsenal!

Quick, organic, and to the point, this packs a punch for magicians and mentalists alike.

Perform mind-reading over you spectator on ANY website or social media… instantly!

Pros are calling it a game-changer.

Here’s what happens: You ask about any topic your spectator loves, like cars, watches, houses, brands, people, or anything.
After a quick introduction, you hand your phone and from now on you will never touch it again!
He will be scrolling on the website he wants over images (or headlines) and stops at his selected one. He doesn’t click on anything, merely THINKS of the item.
After that, he shuffles or navigates to another page. It doesn’t matter. You are ready to read
his mind and reveal the image or information he is thinking of.

Important Points:

* Three methods of performance, for every type of venue.
* Completely hands off.
* Does not use the phone camera.
* Does not use position sensors.
* Does not depend on a specific spectator gesture.
* No special fishy websites.
* Very easy to do!
* No setup, go straight into performance!
* No uploading of pictures or preparing.
* Any language


Allows mind reading on any website without the spectator actually writing or searching for anything.

100% effective and you are in control at all times. EDC as you can perform only with your phone.

Smartwatch and gimmicks are OPTIONAL, the effect works the same on all methods.

Modern-day mentalism at its best, perfectly justified. Opens the door to a world of possibilities.

(Iphone Version coming)



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