Mental Movies



Read the spectator’s mind without him saying ANYTHING!

Mental Movies is the perfect follow-up to Neovision.

The spectator opens a movie’s website on his own phone,

and scrolls through more than 250 movie posters.

They only THINK of one of them, even if the screen shows

a lot of them at the same time. Then they THINK of the

year of the movie, or the director’s name.

Without questions or touching the spectator’s phone, the magician

is able to read his mind and accurately reveal the year, director, and name of the movie.


If you already have NOW, or NOW 2 apps, you are set for a great prediction finale.


  • The magician’s phone is never in play.
  • You never touch the spectator’s phone.
  • You can repeat the effect
  • You can do it over the internet (Zoom, Facebook video, etc)
  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD, nothing else needed.